Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ombre: Yay or Nay?

Lately, I am so bored with my black-brownish straight hairdo and because of that I've been thinking to get a new hairstyle. :) Problem is what hairstyle should I go for? I want to try something that is out of my comfort zone. :) I love Ava and Cheyser's Ombre look and I've been eyeing this trend for quite some time now. :) Here, I took some photos portraying the ombre look via Tumblr. :)


"Some hip Ombre hair. Love the rainbow effect attained by dip dying the hair one color at a time. How cute is this? The best part is the low commitment necessary to maintain this - because its temporary you don’t have to have crazy colors for a long period of time or you can change the colors as they begin to fade. How fab is this?"[]

"My ombre!!:) Thank you so much to Sir Mon and Ms. Wendy for taking care of me and for listening to what I wanted. :)... It was truly a great one! I love my new hair!^_^" -Ava

"Can't seem to get enough of this Ombre addiction! My ash-gold dip-dyed hair seemed boring so I thought of experimenting again by unevenly adding red to it. I wanted to make it look spunky so yeah, copper was the perfect color!..." -Cheyser  

I think I'm gonna stick with natural tones if ever I will pursue this look. Should I go for it?? Hit the comment box and leave your suggestions!<3
And oh, Happy 1st day of March to everyone!:)

Photo Diary: February Highlights.

Indeed, the second month of 2012 is about to end! Ang bilis din! Anyway, here's a photo diary of everything that happened for the whole month of  February!:) Let's start!:)

My little brother's 7th birthday! :)

Arjay's birthday and our monthsary! =">

At Mcdonald's Balanga, kunwari nanalo kami sa dating game. haha :)) 

For his birthday celebration, We ate dinner at Chowking together with his family. :) 

Doctors for a Cause: A Romantic Evening with Jed Madela.

such an awesome singer! 
Two thumbs up for you, Mr. Madela!:)

We surely enjoyed the concert! :)

Standing ovation for Jed. :)

Our FIRST couple tee! haha! :) 

We had another care-free day and we decided to went for a road trip. :) 
These pictures are taken at Mount Samat, Balanga City, Bataan.

There 'ya go! :) February was an awesome-love-filled month! I hope it continues for the month of March! :)
Spread the love, ladies!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Love Comes When You Least Expect It.:)

We all know that the month of February is always connected with the word 'LOVE' and on that note I'm going to grab this opportunity to introduce to you my favorite man in whole wide world!:)

Ladies, meet Arjay, the charming, sweetest, loving, caring, supportive boyfriend in the whole universe!:)

I am so grateful that he came into my life. Indeed cheesy but true. :) We don't know why but during our first meeting it seems like we already knew each other for such a long time. haha! Nagkukulitan na kami una pa lang kami nag-meet and we are already comfortable talking about everything, as in everything! haha!

Our very first meeting. Haha! 
He is a Nurse too, just in case you are wondering why he is wearing a white uniform. :)
@Ate Nikki's Birthday.

At Nico's Terrace Grill. 

Christmas 2011.:)
He gave me Burberry Perfume and my favorite Chocolate Mousse!

A note for him on New Year's Eve. :)

Cheat Day means we are allowing ourselves to drink carbonated beverages but only on the 15th and 30th of the month! Why? Our stomach has an acidic environment and one contributing factor that trigger this lame disease is having too much intake of carbonated drinks. Sad. I know. haha!  

Valentine's Day!
We spent Vday at home by watching the whole season 1 of Walking Death. :)
solve na kami dun basta magkasama kami. :)

So gwapo!<3='>

In just a few minutes, we will be celebrating our 2nd month and also his birthday! Here's my sweet surprise for him! :)

Vanilla "Notepad" Cookies made by Karen, owner of Little Miss Cakeaholic! :)

There you go! A glimpse of my lovelife. haha! :) This post is so cheesy. haha pagbigyan na love month naman eh. :'>


Last November, I joined Fashion Avenue's giveaway and luckily I won! Haha! I was the first who entered their giveaway aaaaaand this is my first time to be picked as a winner too! :) 

I won a worth 1K GC and I picked this Denim-like button down. One in color green (below) and the other one is in color brown. :) Don't you loooove the color?:)

I wore a feather necklace just to add some boho-vibes. :)
What do you think about the button down? Share it with me!! :) 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cleaning Up My Closet!

Hello LOVE month! :) This is my first post for the month of February! Sorry for the so called 'blog log'. I am kind of busy in my IELTS review. Anywaaaaaay, let's go on with the main topic of this post. haha :) Last week, I cleaned my closet and found clothes that I don't usually wear... *light bulb* so I decided to have a mini closet sale!:) 

New Look crochet top in gray and brown.
S-M frame.
Price: ₱399.
Condition: Imported, Used only once. GOOD as NEW.

Sweetheart Polka Blue Dress. 
Price: ₱199.
Condition: Good as NEW, worn once.
Bought this at tinderbox around ₱350.

Pleated Midi Skirt in gray. 
S-M frame.
Price: ₱149.
Condition: Thrifted. Still in good condition.

Navy Blue Flower Dress. 
Price: ₱199.
Condition: Thrifted, Good as NEW, very nice in actual.
with adjustable straps.
Bought this at ₱250.

Evan Picone sweater in dirty white.
S-M frame.
Price: ₱249.
Condition: Imported, Used but still in good condition.

This gorgeous velvet skirt is the hardest to let go... :( even my boyfriend told me that this is a beautiful skirt. Still thinking If I'm going to sell it. 

 Sag Harbor Petite sweater in baby pink and white. 
S-M frame.
Price: ₱249.
Condition: Imported, Used but still in good condition.

Old Navy Stripes Blazer. 
S-L frame.
Price: ₱399.
Condition: Imported, Slightly used but still in good condition.

These old clothes of mine are looking for their new homes. :)

To order:

Like The Thrifty Boutique's page.

Click the album Closet Sale, comment MINE on the item you want and kindly 
fill up the order form.

Thank you and Happy shopping!