Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hello December.

Lovin' those curls!

Sweater Thrifted | Feather Turquoise Necklace 168 Mall

Photo taken last last week. :) Lovin' my hair and my Christmas sweater!
Spotted this lovely sweater at an ukay-ukay shop here in our place! As far as I can remember, I bought this for only 160php!<3 Oh I love ukay shops, super budget friendly!:)

Monday, November 21, 2011

That Midi Dress.

This dress is part of our November Collection! Funny because it is so hard for me to sell this because I really love this dress to bits! Who wouldn't, anyway?:) And to satisfy my craving for this kind of dress I bought one for me but in zebra print! I'll post it soon!<3

I feel like Camille Co here. haha :) 
Hi Camille! Hope you don't mind that I said that! hihi :)

Midi dress and Accessories The Thrifty Boutique | Braided belt 168 Mall| Grey pumps Thrifted

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Have a great Tuesday everyone!:)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Official November Collection.

Official photos for our November Collection! :) 

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Save The Date: 11.20.11

Hello day off! :) Today was a productive day! :) Spent all day editing and finalizing our Late November Collection!:) Here's a sneak peak of our items!<3

Theeere! Visit The Thrifty Boutique tomorrow, 8pm!:)
Don't miss it!:) 


Monday, November 14, 2011

Story Behind; The Thrifty Boutique.

The Thrifty Boutique was created last April 19, 2011. :) It was a product of my love for thrift shopping. :) I was really fond of going to thrift shops. Actually, it started when I was in fourth year college. There was this thrift shop near our school and they really offer chic and unique clothes. I always go there whenever we had our long breaks in class. haha! Also, during those times, there were many online shops that ventures thrift clothes too. I was wondering what if I create an online shop too? but where would I get the capital? What will be the name of the shop? What if there will be no buyers? What if it don't click? It took me a couple of months to plan it, so many what ifs! Then I graduated from college, ayoko maging tambay lang 'non so I thought that is the perfect time to put up an online shop! :) First batch of items was a success. I include some of my pre-loved clothes and bags plus the clothes from different thrift shops. :) Month of July came, I had to close the shop for a while because I had to focus in my review class for our board exam. The shop was close for three months. 

Month of September came, Pia, one of my best friend, offered to be my partner in running the shop. Two heads are better than one, right?:) Now, the shop has really stepped up! We got 584 likes. (not bad. right? hehe) Our September and October Collection was a success too!<3 This week or next week we will launch our November Collection and I'm so excited for this!!<3 

Here are some photos of our available items! They are on SALE! :)


Connector Rings/rings: 99.00 only. :) 
Before: 149.00

Sheer tops: 299.00 only! :)
Before: 349.00

Original Price Range: 
Tops:                            ₱149.00 - 349.00
Dresses:                        ₱399.00 - 599.00
Necklaces:                    ₱99.00 - ₱149.00
Bangles:                        ₱149.00 - 249.00
Connector Rings/Rings: ₱99.00 - ₱149.00

Wait for our November Collection!! :)
I'm sure you're gonna love it!:) 

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November Haul.

I've been so busy lately so going to the malls to shop is quite impossible for me to do. Sooooo, I opened my laptop, log in my Facebook, browsed all the online shops, purchased and paid all the items the following day! Easy and NOT time-consuming, right?:)
So here are the things that I got:

 Yellow Polka Dress from That's Chic.
(pearl necklace not included)

 Cropped Top from Our Happy Place.

Leopard Print Skirt from Vintage Kiss Shop.

Three lovely pieces that I got online! How convenient is that?:) It saves you from all the hassles when you go to the mall. :) Agree ladies?! :)

P.S. 2 more blogs to go and I have no 'utang post' haha! :) 
Have a great day ahead!:)


Saturday, November 12, 2011

1st of November.

Here is my second post for tonight! Yay!:) So here is what I wore last November 1. :) Opted to wear this thrifted orange dress for a post holloween vibes.:) 

I'm wearing the earrings I got from Angel of Wonder Woman Rises. It's not that visible nga lang. :| (i'll try to make separate post for the earrings!) Speaking of Angel, I really appreciate her comments. It was very flattering! *blush! :) So thank you again Ms. Angel, I hope to see you one day!:)

As far as I can remember this is the second time I wore this dress. I first wore it when we had an outing at Morong, Bataan. Here's a glimpse of it! :)

P.S. Forgot to include this on my last post: 
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Thanks!:) That's it for tonight! :) I need to rest because I have work tomorrow. :)
Hope you had a great Saturday!


Outdoor Shoot.

Here it is! The photo shoot I was talking about on my last post. :) It was taken at Mt. Samat (anyone who doesn't know where Mt. Samat is? Click here) last October 31. :) My friend, Yowla was with me too. :) We were really excited for this 'coz it is out first outdoor shoot! :) I bought a traveling bag as a props, two to three sets of clothes, shoes and accessories! Unfortunately us, the camera's battery was low bat. Oh-oh FAIL! haha :) So there we had few pics lang pero ok na din naman. haha! :) Enough of the talking... here are the beautiful photos! :) 

 Mj: yung seryoso.
Me: 'di ko kaya ung seryoso. try ko. LOL!

right after the serious shot. hahaha! :) 

This one is my favorite!!<3
Dress: H&M, Cardigan: H&M Divided, Belt: Divi , Shoes: Parisian, Accessories: SM Department Store. 

With Yowla :)

Photographer & Photo Editing: Mj Bermudez
Models: Patty Ocampo and Yowla Garduno

Thank you Yowla and Mj for this fun experience! Until next time!<3 

What's your favorite photo? Hit the comment box and tell me! :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Break.

And I'm back! :) Sorry for the long hiatus I'm so busy lately! It's because I'm now working in a hospital as a volunteer nurse. Indeed, I am a nurse. A Fashionista Nurse! Agree?! Haha! :) And because of that my time for blogging will be lessen/shorten (sad) BUT I will try my very best to at least write a post during my day offs. :) Okay? :) and oh, I wanna share with you this picture in which I'm wearing my uniform. hihi. :) 

Sorry for the unpleasant background. haha :)

Anyway, just to give you a hint of what's next in my blog I made a list of the topics that I'll be talking in the coming days! :) I did this so that you won't get bored or you'll still visit my blog. Hehe! :) So here's the list: 
  • A post about the photo shoot I did for my friend. 
  • A post about how we spent our 1st of November. 
  • A post about online shopping.
  • A post about my online shop (The Thrifty Boutique)
  • A post about my plan to have an early Christmas giveaway. Actually, it is my first giveaway! :)
There! Five posts to watch out for! :) I promise I will blog about it as soon as I can! For now I'll leave you with this. :) Good night pretty ladies!:)