Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cleaning Up My Closet!

Hello LOVE month! :) This is my first post for the month of February! Sorry for the so called 'blog log'. I am kind of busy in my IELTS review. Anywaaaaaay, let's go on with the main topic of this post. haha :) Last week, I cleaned my closet and found clothes that I don't usually wear... *light bulb* so I decided to have a mini closet sale!:) 

New Look crochet top in gray and brown.
S-M frame.
Price: ₱399.
Condition: Imported, Used only once. GOOD as NEW.

Sweetheart Polka Blue Dress. 
Price: ₱199.
Condition: Good as NEW, worn once.
Bought this at tinderbox around ₱350.

Pleated Midi Skirt in gray. 
S-M frame.
Price: ₱149.
Condition: Thrifted. Still in good condition.

Navy Blue Flower Dress. 
Price: ₱199.
Condition: Thrifted, Good as NEW, very nice in actual.
with adjustable straps.
Bought this at ₱250.

Evan Picone sweater in dirty white.
S-M frame.
Price: ₱249.
Condition: Imported, Used but still in good condition.

This gorgeous velvet skirt is the hardest to let go... :( even my boyfriend told me that this is a beautiful skirt. Still thinking If I'm going to sell it. 

 Sag Harbor Petite sweater in baby pink and white. 
S-M frame.
Price: ₱249.
Condition: Imported, Used but still in good condition.

Old Navy Stripes Blazer. 
S-L frame.
Price: ₱399.
Condition: Imported, Slightly used but still in good condition.

These old clothes of mine are looking for their new homes. :)

To order:

Like The Thrifty Boutique's page.

Click the album Closet Sale, comment MINE on the item you want and kindly 
fill up the order form.

Thank you and Happy shopping!

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