Saturday, June 15, 2013

Something Bohemian.

Aaaaand I'm back from the hiatus! I am so sorry for not posting here for such a long time. My work (as a nurse) won't allow me to regularly face my laptop and squeeze my brain to make a post for you guys but today is just a free day for me! yahooo! :) okay let's start!

I did another fun shoot recently! I'm very giddy to do a photo sesh again with this photographer because he is really good. :) This is our second time to do a shoot and this time our theme was Bohemian! :)

One of my favorite blogger Cheyser P. was known for her bohemian style so I was very excited to do this shoot. Of course, bohemian inspired shoot would not be complete without maxi's and feathers! I bet you already pictured my outfit on this photo shoot? ;)

I will not make this any longer. Here are the photos for you to enjoy!

Dress H&M  | Vest Thrifted | Accessories Divi

Top SM Department Store | Maxi Skirt borrowed from a friend | Accessories Divi

Thank you, Mj for this! I know I'm not a pro at modelling but you still insisted to do this. Next time I will practice na! haha :)) 

There guys, what can you say? Hit the comment box and give some love! :) 
Until my next post! :) 
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P.S. greetings to all the fathers, grandfathers and soon to be fathers out there! Happy Father's Day!<3 nbsp="">