Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fiercer 2014.

I guess it is not too late for a Hello-2014-post, right? hihi ;) Well, I have been locked away from facing my beloved laptop because of ze work but now I have all the time to blog! Why? Because I am now JOBLESS. that sucks, eh? No. I like to see it as a blessing in disguise because maybe now is the time that I pursue what I really want to do in my awesome life! yay! :)

And one thing that I always wanna do is... modelling!<3 p="">

The last quarter of last year I had this photoshoot with a different theme. All of you are used to seeing me with just OOTD post or simple-barefaced photoshoots but the year 2013 was about to end and I was thinking why not do something different, bold and fierce.

White Button Down People R People | Denim shorts Mossimo

Statement Necklace borrowed from a dearest friend which happened to be the Make Up Artist of this photoshoot! ;) She's good, right? :)

Wedge Celine

This is one of my ultimate dream, to be photographed in a distressed place. hihi :) 

Wondering who is behind these amazing photos? :) Well, this person is really a down-to-earth-bubbly girl and whenever you are with her, the place is just full of positive vibes. That is why I love being with her! ;) She is Regina. You can check her blog and see more awesome photos! 

Alright! I feel happy that I was able to have a blog post again! Cheers for a fiercer, bolder, braver 2014! Yes, It's never too late to say that! It's still the first month of 2k14! haha! :) 


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Something Bohemian.

Aaaaand I'm back from the hiatus! I am so sorry for not posting here for such a long time. My work (as a nurse) won't allow me to regularly face my laptop and squeeze my brain to make a post for you guys but today is just a free day for me! yahooo! :) okay let's start!

I did another fun shoot recently! I'm very giddy to do a photo sesh again with this photographer because he is really good. :) This is our second time to do a shoot and this time our theme was Bohemian! :)

One of my favorite blogger Cheyser P. was known for her bohemian style so I was very excited to do this shoot. Of course, bohemian inspired shoot would not be complete without maxi's and feathers! I bet you already pictured my outfit on this photo shoot? ;)

I will not make this any longer. Here are the photos for you to enjoy!

Dress H&M  | Vest Thrifted | Accessories Divi

Top SM Department Store | Maxi Skirt borrowed from a friend | Accessories Divi

Thank you, Mj for this! I know I'm not a pro at modelling but you still insisted to do this. Next time I will practice na! haha :)) 

There guys, what can you say? Hit the comment box and give some love! :) 
Until my next post! :) 
<3 p="">

P.S. greetings to all the fathers, grandfathers and soon to be fathers out there! Happy Father's Day!<3 nbsp="">

Saturday, October 27, 2012


It's been a long time since I laid eyes on my blog! I've been so busy these months because of my work... well this time I had a chance to sit down and think for a while. In the next few days, two days to be exact, I'm turning a year older! :) Looking back, I'm a little proud of what I've become and the things that I did. :) 

June 2012, I became an English as a Second Language Teacher also known as ESL Teacher. Yes, I know it's far from the course that I took which is Nursing. (i miss working as a nurse. really.) So now, I am staying here in Clark, Pampanga. I've been doing this for almost 4 months now and to tell you my experience, it is fun yet tiring. Why? It's fun because I can meet Koreans and know about their culture. It's tiring because being a teacher is not really that easy. As my first time to teach, I have to learn a lot. The way I act, the way I handle Korean students, the way I teach.

 So, these photos will tell you my journey as an ESL teacher. :)
They are my first Korean friends. Lea and Marco. 

These adorable kids! Elizabeth (in red), Katarina (in pink) and Bryan!

during one on one class, with my student, Danny. :)

My co-teacher, Gem and our students, Tei and Irene. :) 

My first day of class with Chloe. :)

A surprise made by my students.:) They decorated my classroom! ;)

One thing I enjoy about this job is I can dress up! ;)

My NK family! Our boss, Mr. Nam at the middle! :)
(I took the photo so you can't see me there. lol!)

NK team building 2012 at Fontana Leisure Park. :)

Well, I'm in the real world now. This is the real world. You will look for a job, do your job, earn money, have a little treat for yourself on payday (but not every payday! lol!). It's not that easy but if you enjoy what you do, you'll get through it, right? :)

At the age of  22, this is what I've become. Yes, it's not that big but I will surely strive and work hard for the things that I want to achieve. I'll never stop. I know I have forever to chase my dreams. :)