Monday, October 24, 2011

Trends to Love.

Hi dolls! I just finished watching TVD series and now I've nothing to do! So this post is just a product of my boredom-ness! Soooo, I decided to blog about the trends that I love now. First on the list is:

1. Crochet Patterns. 

Name it all! Crochet tops, shorts, sweater, dress or even shoes! I don't know why but I'm drawn to this trend now. This trend, for me, has a fresh-free spirit-girly-natural-vibes. Don't you love that? :) Here are some of my inspirations for this trend: 

{All photos are from}

My obsession for crochet patterns started when I saw Flavia's look on
This lady is so gorgeous!<3

2. Maxi Skirts.

I love the dramatic feeling when wearing maxi skirts or dresses. You can play with this kind of trend, you can put on a jacket for a corporate chic look or just put on your white shirt and favorite flats for a laid back look!:) Here are some of my inspirations for this trend:

The laid-back-boho-chic vibe like Cheyser's look on

The stunning Flavia D. on

3. Leopard Prints.

This is my ultimate obsession!! Who doesn't love leopard prints anyway?! For me, this print screams for power and sexiness!<3 Oh la la! Here are some of my inspirations for this trend:

 Anastasia's "Double Leo" look from 

The Walking Doll of Philippines Camille Co's "Jumanji" look on

   That's it! Hope you like it!:) 
Share your thoughts about it ah? Thanks! :)


Friday, October 21, 2011


Due to my desperate attitude to post a new 'outfit post' I asked my seven year-old brother to snap few photos of my outfit. It was so hard teaching him how to handle the camera. I'm so afraid that he might drop it and I'm glad that didn't happen! Haha! Okay, the first shot was blurred. :| Second shot, there's more space at the top part. :| Third shot was pretty usable. Here I'll show you...

Still blurred. Haha! 

Usable Photo No. 1. :) 

Usable Photo No. 2. :)
(sorry for the background) 
Top: Gap, High Waisted Shorts: Thrifted, Shoes: Mendrez

Usable Photo No. 3. Yay!:) 
Necklace: Creative Mind, Bracelet: Fashion Avenue, Belt and Ring: 168 Mall

 and this is my super kulit brother! :) 

Hype my look on here! :)

That's it!:) Have a happy Saturday!:)


Sweater and Skirt.

Sweater and Skirt.

Helmut Lang long sweater
$460 -

H M pleated skirt
£15 -

Glitter oxford
$40 -

Leather satchel handbag

14k white gold necklace
£746 -

Dorothy Perkins zebra print ring
£5 -

Gold ring
£4 -

Dior Miss Dior Cherie Eau De Parfum
$77 -

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Peperosso Skirt

I went to an Ukay Store again last last week and this time I'm with my Mom. :) It wasn't really our plan to go there and buy but the store was on a BIG SALE at that moment! All clothes were priced 45 bucks!! Yay!:) So there, after an hour of rummaging thousands of clothes *drum roll* I found a cute sweatshirt dress (will post it on a separate blog) and a printed pleated skirt. :) 

I'm a bit obsessed with skirts right now... sheer skirts, pleated skirts, maxi skirts!:) Oh I almost forgot I went to an another Ukay Store and found a grey pleated sheer skirt! I will have a separate post for it too. :) Wait for it!:) For the meantime, I'll leave you guys with this:

I fell in love with the pattern of the skirt!<3 And, the colors are very eye-catching!:) But my Mom didn't like it, she said "parang kurtina!" hahaha! :)) Does it really look like a curtain??? O.o

Bangles that I'm selling at my online shop The Thrifty Boutique :)
Please do visit us!:) Like our page! Thank you!:)

This is the tag of the skirt. I googled it but all links were peratining to a Restaurant named Pepe Rosso at New York. Haha! :) Anyone knows this brand?:) 

Look at the price tag... $699! But I bought it for only 45 Php! Great buy, right?:)

Hype my look on!:)


Friday, October 07, 2011

Reminiscing College.

I went to my former school last Monday because they have this event called PNSA Day and this is what I wore! :) A black jumpsuit I recently bought online. I'm so happy I found this jumpsuit, I've been looking everywhere for this kind of jumpsuit. I got this for only 300 bucks! For the shipping fee... it's free! How great is that? :)  

Black Jumpsuit from Cheapest Stuff
Shoes from Parisian Jr. 

Hyped this look on! :)
Vote for this look on Chictopia! :)

PNSA Day Event. 
Alumni VS. Faculty 

My favorite Clinical Instructors!!! :) Sir Dhazel and Sir Marlon!:)

My colleagues. Alyssa and Jhapet. :)

Eka and Rechelle. :)

I miss college and events like this! Time flies so fast... before I'm just an aspiring Nurse and now I am a Registered Nurse already! yay! :D  How about you guys what do you miss the most in your college days? :) Tell me!:)


Sunday, October 02, 2011


Another BIG GIVEAWAY from Vern Enciso! To celebrate her blog's 1st anniversary, Penshoppe collaborates with her and they will give the winner an outfit from head to toe! PLUS they will pick two lucky winners, a girl and a guy!:) Isn't that great? :) 

Penshoppe has been one of my favorite store here in our place! I just love the transition of their apparel from time to time and I love the idea that they venture shoes and bags now. :) I love their statement tees, cardigans, and dresses too! :) 

I hope I'll be pick as a winner! please pick me!! Haha! :) Cross Fingers! Good night everyone!:)


Birthday Wishlist.

October, my favorite month! Why? because it is my birthday month and I'm turning twenty one this year! :) twenty one = legal age. :) I wonder what's going to happen on my birthday. hmm. :) Surprise me, friends! Haha! You all know I love surprises!<3 Anyway I made a list - wishlist for my birthday!:) Let's start!

1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp.

2. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo.

3. New phone! I'm still torn between Blackberry Curve and HTC Rhyme.

Blackberry Curve 8520

HTC Rhyme
Which one should I pick? :)

4. Canon EOS 600D.
Kelan kaya kita mabibili? Haha! :)

5. Instax Mini 7s Camera from Snap
I found this while I was browsing on Multiply and I've seen good reviews about this. :)
Instax Mini 7s Camera (Instant Polaroid Photos) image 6

6. Floral bag from fashioncode101.
Gizelle image 1
 Again I found this fabulous bag on Multiply. :)

7. POSH Basics in Desert Brown.
I love the fact that you can keep this on a pocket! Handy shoes, right?:)

8. Gold set of earrings from pinkpumshop.
Amibijoux Set of 9 Earrings image 1

That's it! So many gadgets! Haha! I doubt that I can have the Canon EOS 600D on my brthday. It is so expensive! Haha! But the rest of it I wish to have it on my birthdaaaayyy!:D 28 days before my birthday! Have a happy Sunday everyone!:)