Monday, August 22, 2011

Best Gift Ever!

Last Saturday, the result for the Nursing Licensure Exam was released earlier that what we expected. I'm with Carlo and Anjo that time and we were so ANXIOUS while waiting for the list to download!! As in super duper anxious to the mega highest level! Hahaha! :)) My hands were cold and clammy and my heart was beating like there's no tomorrow that time! Then, the first link we saw was the top performing schools... then the list of top ten board passers. theeeeeeen! The official list of those who passed the NLE! This is it!!! The official list of board passers!! I was holding my rosary which I also brought with me when I took the exam last July 1 and 2, 2011. I was restless and I kept on telling Anjo not to look for my name first. Hahaha! 

Me: Ayoko tignan kinakabahan ako!!
Anjo: Ako titingin
Me: Wag mo titignan yung akin, wag mo sasabihiiiiin!
Anjo:  Sige sige.
Then, Anjo was scanning at the names...I was just holding my rosary. Theeen! He stood up, raised his hands to me for a high five! 
Anjo: Congrats! PASADO TAYO! :)
I was like in awe when I heard that! I can't believe it at first then I look at the list and saw my name!!!! :D

Seriously, I thought I couldn't make it. The review days has been a roller coaster ride for me - parang lahat yata ng emosyon naramdam ko noon, masaya, malungkot, kinakabahan, natatakot, tinatamad at kung anu - ano pa.

Now, I'm very grateful that I made it. :) I can't make it without the help of my family, friends, my Clinical Instructors, the lecturers of SRG and of course GOD. :) God is good all the time! :) THANK YOU FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO PRAYED FOR US! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I'LL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL FOR THIS! :">



Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Ice Cream House.

Last Saturday, Pia and I went to The Ice Cream House located here in my province. I don't know if they have branch in other places. Obviously they offer ice cream! Haha! Other foods they offer are pizza, pasta, milkshakes, soda floats, and many more!:) Here are the photos of what we ate:
Tiramisu! We already ate some part of it. Sorry! Haha! :) 

Tortilla chips with tomato, chili and cheese cream.
 I love cheeeese! Who doesn't love cheese anyway? ;)

 Happy tummy! Haha! :)

Pia ordered this spaghetti but I was the one who finished half of it! Haha! 

For me, their food was good and it's not that expensive. :) The Tiramisu costs 75 bucks, Nachos: 50 bucks, Spaghetti: 45 bucks. Am I right Pi? Haha! We'll surely go back here. :)


Studio Shoot for Litrato ni Ronald.

Last Friday, I did a studio shoot for Litrato ni Ronald.:) Actually, Sir Ronald conducted a search for Ms. Photogenic for the grand opening of his studio yesterday annd I'm one of the finalist. Haha! Right after graduating high school I made a promise to myself that I would never ever join any beauty contest again. Why? kasi feeling ko I'm too old to join contest na. Haha! :)) so there, below are some pictures.

I can't rotate the other picturessss!!! Naka-lock yata sa camera ni Sir Ronald. :( I'll ask him if he can fix it so I can upload the other shots. :) Anyway, I had fun doing this! :) It's my first time to model and make poses so I was kinda nangangapa sa mga pose. About the photographer, Sir Ronald is a very cool and kind photographer! Swear! :) I hope I can do a photo shoot for him next time! (please! Hahaha!) 

After the shoot, I went to Tangway (Japanese resto here in our place). I met up with Pia, Fergie and Monica. This is Pia, my ever loyal friend! :) I love her to death! I love my girls to death!!♥ I have no picture with Fergie and Monica because I forgot to re-insert the SD card to my camera. FAIL! :| So there, Next post will be about foods! :) 



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Quick Note!

I'm back guys! :) Sorry for the blog lag. :) Well, last week was quiet busy. We had this room renovation thing at home. I transferred to the other room and it took a whole day for me to finish fixing all my thingssss! I saw clothes that I can't wear anymore so I had it on sale at my online shop! Check it here: The Thrifty Boutique. :) As of now, all on-hand items are on sale and on Monday the BeeBerry Shop will have this BeeBerry Bazaar and they invited me to join the bazaar too! Yay! It will be held at the Teopengco Bldg, San Jose Balanga, Bataan. I'm so excited for this and I hope it will be a successful event! :) Also, a new studio will have their grand opening and I did a photo shoot for them! I'm going to talk about it on my next post which I'll be posting tomorrow!  So watch out for it! Haha! Good night! :) 

P ♥