Saturday, February 18, 2012

Love Comes When You Least Expect It.:)

We all know that the month of February is always connected with the word 'LOVE' and on that note I'm going to grab this opportunity to introduce to you my favorite man in whole wide world!:)

Ladies, meet Arjay, the charming, sweetest, loving, caring, supportive boyfriend in the whole universe!:)

I am so grateful that he came into my life. Indeed cheesy but true. :) We don't know why but during our first meeting it seems like we already knew each other for such a long time. haha! Nagkukulitan na kami una pa lang kami nag-meet and we are already comfortable talking about everything, as in everything! haha!

Our very first meeting. Haha! 
He is a Nurse too, just in case you are wondering why he is wearing a white uniform. :)
@Ate Nikki's Birthday.

At Nico's Terrace Grill. 

Christmas 2011.:)
He gave me Burberry Perfume and my favorite Chocolate Mousse!

A note for him on New Year's Eve. :)

Cheat Day means we are allowing ourselves to drink carbonated beverages but only on the 15th and 30th of the month! Why? Our stomach has an acidic environment and one contributing factor that trigger this lame disease is having too much intake of carbonated drinks. Sad. I know. haha!  

Valentine's Day!
We spent Vday at home by watching the whole season 1 of Walking Death. :)
solve na kami dun basta magkasama kami. :)

So gwapo!<3='>

In just a few minutes, we will be celebrating our 2nd month and also his birthday! Here's my sweet surprise for him! :)

Vanilla "Notepad" Cookies made by Karen, owner of Little Miss Cakeaholic! :)

There you go! A glimpse of my lovelife. haha! :) This post is so cheesy. haha pagbigyan na love month naman eh. :'>

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