Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ombre: Yay or Nay?

Lately, I am so bored with my black-brownish straight hairdo and because of that I've been thinking to get a new hairstyle. :) Problem is what hairstyle should I go for? I want to try something that is out of my comfort zone. :) I love Ava and Cheyser's Ombre look and I've been eyeing this trend for quite some time now. :) Here, I took some photos portraying the ombre look via Tumblr. :)


"Some hip Ombre hair. Love the rainbow effect attained by dip dying the hair one color at a time. How cute is this? The best part is the low commitment necessary to maintain this - because its temporary you don’t have to have crazy colors for a long period of time or you can change the colors as they begin to fade. How fab is this?"[]

"My ombre!!:) Thank you so much to Sir Mon and Ms. Wendy for taking care of me and for listening to what I wanted. :)... It was truly a great one! I love my new hair!^_^" -Ava

"Can't seem to get enough of this Ombre addiction! My ash-gold dip-dyed hair seemed boring so I thought of experimenting again by unevenly adding red to it. I wanted to make it look spunky so yeah, copper was the perfect color!..." -Cheyser  

I think I'm gonna stick with natural tones if ever I will pursue this look. Should I go for it?? Hit the comment box and leave your suggestions!<3
And oh, Happy 1st day of March to everyone!:)

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