Friday, July 29, 2011

wish list 2011

DIY: Feather Earrings.

I went to Globe for Gcash to pay for the books I ordered at Ajtm Bookstogo. (I'll post a different blog about their online shop) Then I went to Vetaf’s to look for the materials that I will use in making my first DIY project “feather earrings!:) This is what I wore earlier: 

Top: SM, Ripped Shorts: Bench, Sneakers: Vans, Bag: Celine

It's raining again. I don't want my feet to get wet so I thought of wearing this. :)

Okay, i'll stop talking about unrelated things about this blog! haha!

Let's start the DIY Feather Earrings!:)

Materials you'll need:
Long nose pliers (It's a bit rusty! Sorry!)

Feathers! I love the bold colors!:) The crimps are already attached to the feathers making this project a lot more easier!:)

Jump rings and metal earrings hook.

Step 1. Lay all your materials so that you can see them easily.
Step 2. Attach the jump rings to the crimps.
Step 3. Attach the metal earrings hook.
Step 4. Secure the jump rings. and it's done!

Voila! Hello to your feather earrings!:)

I'm planning to make different designs and market it. What do you think?:)


Friday Favorites!

Camille Co’s style exhibits a chic elegant look. All of her outfit posts are really high fashion! J With that beautiful face and perfect long legs she’s really a walking doll for me! I wonder how she talks in person because in pictures she’s like the prim and proper type of person. J

Cheyser Pedregosa’s style exhibits a boho chic look. Her personality seemed to be mysterious because of her love for dream catchers. (That is only my opinion. Hehe) J I love her DIY projects! I adore her sense of style and I think my style is a bit the same with her style. Most of her outfit posts (for me) have a light vibes into it. I like how she mix and match her clothes with her accessories without looking very-busy-outfit look. J I tweeted her once and she replied to it! How great is that? J

Last but not the least,

Vern Enciso. I just discovered her blog recently. Her style varies from stylish school outfit to fabulous fashion event outfit. Mind you ladies, she’s only 18 years old! J I do love her blog. In fact, the moment I started reading her blog I can’t control myself not to press the “older post” button! Haha! I adore her leopard print clothes!<3 I tweeted her about how I love her blog and she replied too! yay!:) You all know that my wildest dream is to become a model so I really admire her. I’m a fan! J

There you go, my top 3 favourite bloggers/models! I’m really hoping and praying that I’ll get a chance to meet them and have pictures with them someday! J

Follow their blogs!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Egg Rolls ala Patty!

It's been a bipolar weather this past few days and I'm stuck at home. I've got nothing to do so I try doing some egg rolls! (emphasis on the word TRY. haha! ) It's just a simple egg roll! Don't expect too much! haha! Let's start with the ingredients: I only used 3 ingredients: Nori, Scrambled Egg and Rice! I told you not to expect too much! I'm not a food blogger so please don't kill me with your harsh comments after reading this. haha! Thanks! ^_~

 I love grilled seaweed!:)

There's a tattoo included on each Nori sheet. Cute! :)

Scrambled Egg. One of my comfort food!:)


Basically, you'll just cut the Nori in strips, put the scrambled egg and rice then roll it! easy as 1, 2, 3! hahaha! :D

tadah! finished product!:)

I know it's not that yummy-to-the-eye look! I've got to practice my rolling skills! hahaha!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Here's what you have to do: 
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Monday, July 18, 2011

A Present from Roanne.

Roanne is my cousin and she knew I love owls so much. She gave me a pair of owl earrings yesterday. I wore it right away right after she gave it. :)

Here's a photo of me wearing it
 Happy kid, yes I am! :)

For a closer look:

I don't know why I'm so in love with owls...

I really find them adorable. :)

You can send me owl accessories if you want! Haha! Kidding! :D


Thursday, July 14, 2011

July Haul.

This month I planned to buy a new pair of sandals coz I’m bored of just wearing Havaianas all the time. I already looked at different stores (Celine, Jewel and Parisian Jr.) but couldn’t find the one that suites my taste. I went to People R People and saw a mustard like color gladiator sandals. Similar to the photo below. 

I do like the style of it but I decided to raid another store. I went to Mendrez and fell in love with this jeweled flat sandals (photo below) I bought it right away without thinking twice! :) 

Next: Mini Dress Sweater with Black and Silver Sequins.

 I got this for just 250 php. :) 

Next: Silk Sleeveless Button Down.
This one looks nice when worn. :) 
 I can't wait to wear them!


Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Spotted: The Carrie Diaries. :)

Spotted this book at National Book Store last week! :) I've been looking for this since last year! (Ang tagal na diba. Haha!) Actually, nag give up na ko maghanap ng copy ng book na 'to pero nakita ko siya bigla! haha! :) Next book hunting, I'll look for Summer and The City. :)