Saturday, September 18, 2010

Avon Ultra Color Rich; Kicked Up Coral Review

I bought a new lipstick from Avon. i couldn't resist to buy because it is 40% off! :) i got the Ultra Color Rich mega impact lipstick in Kicked up Coral. i love it! it has a reddish brown look. it really blends with my complexion and it has a cute unique shape!

i love this because:
> the texture is creamy and it really glides smoothly onto my lips.
> it makes me look whiter because the color just stands out.
> it has a diamond shape. i think it's unique and fabulous. :)
> Lastly, it has SPF 15!

i don't like it because:
< it doesn't last long enough and the glitters are very obvious.

this is me wearing it. :)