Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Break.

And I'm back! :) Sorry for the long hiatus I'm so busy lately! It's because I'm now working in a hospital as a volunteer nurse. Indeed, I am a nurse. A Fashionista Nurse! Agree?! Haha! :) And because of that my time for blogging will be lessen/shorten (sad) BUT I will try my very best to at least write a post during my day offs. :) Okay? :) and oh, I wanna share with you this picture in which I'm wearing my uniform. hihi. :) 

Sorry for the unpleasant background. haha :)

Anyway, just to give you a hint of what's next in my blog I made a list of the topics that I'll be talking in the coming days! :) I did this so that you won't get bored or you'll still visit my blog. Hehe! :) So here's the list: 
  • A post about the photo shoot I did for my friend. 
  • A post about how we spent our 1st of November. 
  • A post about online shopping.
  • A post about my online shop (The Thrifty Boutique)
  • A post about my plan to have an early Christmas giveaway. Actually, it is my first giveaway! :)
There! Five posts to watch out for! :) I promise I will blog about it as soon as I can! For now I'll leave you with this. :) Good night pretty ladies!:) 


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