Monday, November 14, 2011

Story Behind; The Thrifty Boutique.

The Thrifty Boutique was created last April 19, 2011. :) It was a product of my love for thrift shopping. :) I was really fond of going to thrift shops. Actually, it started when I was in fourth year college. There was this thrift shop near our school and they really offer chic and unique clothes. I always go there whenever we had our long breaks in class. haha! Also, during those times, there were many online shops that ventures thrift clothes too. I was wondering what if I create an online shop too? but where would I get the capital? What will be the name of the shop? What if there will be no buyers? What if it don't click? It took me a couple of months to plan it, so many what ifs! Then I graduated from college, ayoko maging tambay lang 'non so I thought that is the perfect time to put up an online shop! :) First batch of items was a success. I include some of my pre-loved clothes and bags plus the clothes from different thrift shops. :) Month of July came, I had to close the shop for a while because I had to focus in my review class for our board exam. The shop was close for three months. 

Month of September came, Pia, one of my best friend, offered to be my partner in running the shop. Two heads are better than one, right?:) Now, the shop has really stepped up! We got 584 likes. (not bad. right? hehe) Our September and October Collection was a success too!<3 This week or next week we will launch our November Collection and I'm so excited for this!!<3 

Here are some photos of our available items! They are on SALE! :)


Connector Rings/rings: 99.00 only. :) 
Before: 149.00

Sheer tops: 299.00 only! :)
Before: 349.00

Original Price Range: 
Tops:                            ₱149.00 - 349.00
Dresses:                        ₱399.00 - 599.00
Necklaces:                    ₱99.00 - ₱149.00
Bangles:                        ₱149.00 - 249.00
Connector Rings/Rings: ₱99.00 - ₱149.00

Wait for our November Collection!! :)
I'm sure you're gonna love it!:) 

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