Monday, November 14, 2011

November Haul.

I've been so busy lately so going to the malls to shop is quite impossible for me to do. Sooooo, I opened my laptop, log in my Facebook, browsed all the online shops, purchased and paid all the items the following day! Easy and NOT time-consuming, right?:)
So here are the things that I got:

 Yellow Polka Dress from That's Chic.
(pearl necklace not included)

 Cropped Top from Our Happy Place.

Leopard Print Skirt from Vintage Kiss Shop.

Three lovely pieces that I got online! How convenient is that?:) It saves you from all the hassles when you go to the mall. :) Agree ladies?! :)

P.S. 2 more blogs to go and I have no 'utang post' haha! :) 
Have a great day ahead!:)


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