Monday, October 24, 2011

Trends to Love.

Hi dolls! I just finished watching TVD series and now I've nothing to do! So this post is just a product of my boredom-ness! Soooo, I decided to blog about the trends that I love now. First on the list is:

1. Crochet Patterns. 

Name it all! Crochet tops, shorts, sweater, dress or even shoes! I don't know why but I'm drawn to this trend now. This trend, for me, has a fresh-free spirit-girly-natural-vibes. Don't you love that? :) Here are some of my inspirations for this trend: 

{All photos are from}

My obsession for crochet patterns started when I saw Flavia's look on
This lady is so gorgeous!<3

2. Maxi Skirts.

I love the dramatic feeling when wearing maxi skirts or dresses. You can play with this kind of trend, you can put on a jacket for a corporate chic look or just put on your white shirt and favorite flats for a laid back look!:) Here are some of my inspirations for this trend:

The laid-back-boho-chic vibe like Cheyser's look on

The stunning Flavia D. on

3. Leopard Prints.

This is my ultimate obsession!! Who doesn't love leopard prints anyway?! For me, this print screams for power and sexiness!<3 Oh la la! Here are some of my inspirations for this trend:

 Anastasia's "Double Leo" look from 

The Walking Doll of Philippines Camille Co's "Jumanji" look on

   That's it! Hope you like it!:) 
Share your thoughts about it ah? Thanks! :)


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