Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nature Themed.

Finally! We were able to pull off a shoot for my online shop! I wanted an outdoor/nature/park themed photo shoot so we headed to Mt. Samat, Pilar Bataan last Sunday and did this shoot for about 4 hours. :)  The weather was cooperative as well so it was a success. Yay!:)

The modernized friendship bracelets. :) 

Please do visit my online shop, The Thrifty Boutique to view the complete collection. :)

After the shoot. :)
The cross. :) Want a little trivia?:)  For those who don't know, the cross was built to honor the Filipino and American soldiers who died during the World War II. :)

My P.A/Driver/Photographer for the day. :) He came from a night shift duty and still he insisted to do the photo shoot. After na lang daw siya ng shoot matutulog. How sweet is that?:"> 
Thank you so much Tabs and I love you!:)

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