Sunday, September 25, 2011

September Bazaar & Aftermath.

I was invited AGAIN to have a bazaar at Litrato ni Ronald! This time Krayzee-for-Klay joined us! :) and due to my over flowing excitement I forgot to take a photo of my outfit post that day. :( I know! Fail! Hay! Haha! Anywayyy, here are some pictures of the bazaar. :) 

I'm wearing Stitches&Stones' hair clip. made by Nicole Jacob. Check her page now!:)
After the bazaar, I went to Giants Sports Grill to meet my friends!:)
Otep, Icang and moi. :)

Marga, Icang and moi. :)

Photos grabbed from: Joph Villegas

Next Post: Bazaar Day II! :)


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