Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bazaar Day II.

We were invited to have a mini booth at Bataan Peninsula State University, my school way back in college! :) It was nice to be back! I miss going to school, really. I saw some of my favorite Clinical Instructors and some familiar people. :)  Anyway, I was with Jam owner of Krayzee-for-Klay and Nicole owner of /Stitches&Stones. :) It was really a fun experience! :) Below are pictures from the bazaar. :)

with the very talented and creative girls! :)
Jam, Nicole and moi :) 

Jam's clay creations. :) 

BeeBerry and My items. :)

Those cute brooches and head dresses were made by Nicole. :)

Denim Button Down from Cram-Cram On Line Shop! :) 

That's all! Tata for now!:)


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