Saturday, September 24, 2011

Health is Wealth!

Hey bloggers! What's up?:) I was hospitalized last week so I wasn't able to make a blog post/outfit post. :(  Last last week was pretty B-U-S-Y for me. Last last Monday, I went to Quezon City for the registration of new nurses then went straight to our supplier for the boutique's second collection. (na hindi pa narerelease dahil nga nagka-sakit ako. fail!) Tuesday, We had a bazaar at Litrato ni Ronald after the bazaar I met up with my friends at Giant's. :) I will have a separate blog post for that. :) Wednesday and Thursday, Bazaar again! We were invited to have a booth at Bataan Peninsula State University (BPSU) my school back in college. :) Friday,   went out with some friends. :) Saturday, my original plan was to have a photo shoot in the morning and release the teaser in the afternoon BUT I was really tired and too lazy to move my ass to do it. haha! So I re-sched it na lang. Unfortunately, Nagka-sakit na nga ako and kelangan na iadmit sa hospital kasi hindi na ako makakain. So there, stayed at BDH for four days.

Right now, I'm feeling better! :) I kinda abused my body last last week, forgot to take vitamins and skipped some meals. :( So guys, lesson learned no matter how busy you are don't forget to STILL take care of your health. :) Always hydrate yourself. Eat fruits. Take your vitamins. :) 


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