Sunday, September 04, 2011

At dreamland with Vern E. :)

     It was so cute! Napanaginipan ko si Vern Enciso last last night! Haha!:) Here's what happened... Vern was skype-ing with Coleen, yung pretty girl na judge dati sa Showtime. I dunno if they both know each other. Haha! Then, Vern was showing a black vintage bag to Coleen. I was sleeping then so the lights were kinda dim. We were in the same bed and Vern was reaching for the flashlight. Nararamdaman ko na inaa-abot ni Vern yung flashlight sa my head ko. My eyes were half open and I can see Vern's face was like dahan-dahan-baka-magising-si-Patty face! Haha! Theeen, I suddenly woke up. I thought it was real! Hahaha! Sa laki yata ng kagustuhan ko na makita si Vern in person pati sa panaginip andun siya. Haha! :) 

     Yun lang Vern, funny but cute right? Hehe! :) I wish I can meet you na!:) Ang hirap kasi taga Bataan ako and I rarely go to Manila. :( When's the second Bloggers United Bazaar? I will try my very best to go there and look for youuuuuuu!:D 

Your Forever Fan, 


WonderWoman said...

This is so sweet. :)

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Patty Ocampo said...

Thanks! I really want to meet her!!!!:D

Jenn said...

your dream was so cute! In my opinion she is the prettier version of bea binene. medyo magkahawig sila but vern is definitely prettier. :D

Patty Ocampo said...

Hi Jenn!:) I must agree with you super pretty ni Vern!:) Stunning ika nga. :)