Thursday, July 28, 2011

Egg Rolls ala Patty!

It's been a bipolar weather this past few days and I'm stuck at home. I've got nothing to do so I try doing some egg rolls! (emphasis on the word TRY. haha! ) It's just a simple egg roll! Don't expect too much! haha! Let's start with the ingredients: I only used 3 ingredients: Nori, Scrambled Egg and Rice! I told you not to expect too much! I'm not a food blogger so please don't kill me with your harsh comments after reading this. haha! Thanks! ^_~

 I love grilled seaweed!:)

There's a tattoo included on each Nori sheet. Cute! :)

Scrambled Egg. One of my comfort food!:)


Basically, you'll just cut the Nori in strips, put the scrambled egg and rice then roll it! easy as 1, 2, 3! hahaha! :D

tadah! finished product!:)

I know it's not that yummy-to-the-eye look! I've got to practice my rolling skills! hahaha!


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