Friday, December 30, 2011

Triple The Fun.

Christmas Parties, Get together with your family and friends that you haven't seen for decades, Gift givings and of course scrumptious FOODS!!:) This is what I love about December!! Woohoo! Haha! :) and this year I had three Christmas parties to attend. :)

First. The Christmas party at Bataan Doctors Hospital Medical Center. :) Ayun, duty ako nung gabing yun. haha! :) but I got a chance to watch the program since it was held at the parking lot of the hospital. :)

Second. Our High School Reunion/Potluck/Christmas Party! :)  I made fruit skewers and garlic dip! I'm glad everyone loved it! :) 

Best Buddies for life!<3

Kiwi, Melon, and Grapes drizzled with sweetened milk. Added some green and red sprinkles to add some Christmas color vibes. :)

Third. Christmas Celebration with my family! :) We had our Noche Buena at my lola's house. We were asked to wear stripes or checkered. :)

There 'ya go! That's how I spent my Christmas! :) For me, this is the best gift I've ever received... seeing your family, friends, and loved ones happy. :) Hope you guys had a good Christmas experience too!<3

Hype my look on! Thanks!:)

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