Friday, March 25, 2011

The Bopbop.

I was browsing on Facebook when I saw their page and I was like in aw when I saw gorgeous pieces of necklace, rings and bracelets! I am very meticulous when buying form an online shops because sometimes you can't really see the quality of the product but this shop is an exemption because all of their products are to die for!! :) So I quickly browse their albums and I found this: 

Key Pendants. All of them are in one necklace! Don't you love it? :)

Tear drop shape necklace with a light colored jewel. :) This is so beautiful!!! :)

A Bow Pendant with pearls. Classically Vintage! :) 

Would you believe that I brought these for only P250.00! Yes! 3 items for P250.00! I so loooove it to death! hahaha! :)

Want to order? click and like their link here: bopbop.

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