Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Ukay Adventure!

I went to my favorite ukay store last week. I'm looking for some vintage bag then I saw a Prada bag that cost P600.00.
It is a black chain bag. It's really in good condition but I'm not sure if it is a genuine Prada! So I search on the web: How to spot a fake Prada Bag. 

So we came back yesterday to see if the bag is real. Unfortunately, it is fake. haha! sayang it was in good condition pa naman! so out of frustration, I turned my attention to the CLOTHES! A lot of CLOTHES! haha! 

Wala pang 10 mins eh tumatagaktak na ang pawis ko pero kems lang sa pawis. hawi dito hawi doon. Until I found this!

A black classic dress. it has gold buttons. i love the vintage look of the buttons and the sailor collar. there is a slot for belt at the side.
First and second rack was finished so I went to the other racks and found this

A black Vest made of Cotton (hindi ko alam kung anong name ng tela na yun basta cotton siya.hehe) and the back of it was made of chiffon cloth. :) 

Before we went to the store I was telling Byron that I wanted to put up an online shop. I'll sell clothes from ukay or my pre-loved clothes. syempre I'll make sure that all clothes coming from the ukay will still be in good condition. :) what do you guys think? Should I pursue this or not? :) If yes, this two items will be included in the 1st collection but i'm still thinking if i'll include this because i wanted to keep them! hahaha!  

So again, What do you think??? 
your suggestions wil be greatly appreciated! 


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