Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ukay Haul! :)

I was so desperate to buy new clothes but then i have no bread to indulge myself to buy clothes from branded stores so what i did was i went to a thrift store near our school. It was my first time to buy from a thrift store so I was scared. Anyway , I heard positive feedbacks on that store so I went there to see it for myself. :)

I was amazed because the clothes are pretty good. I also saw a Ralph Lauren shoes for just 380 pesos. Haha! Cool huh? :D I saw a post “New Arrivals 250 to 180 php”. Yay!  I went inside, oh dear there are more clothes hanging everywhere! You just have to be patient in scrutinizing every clothes. Some clothes are pretty but they are too big for me until I found this navy blue dress

Tada! It’s lovely right? :) It really fits me well. I think it’s really made for me. Haha! :D
Price: 250 php.

After an hour of scrutinizing the FIRST LONG RACK, I found this black tank top. Oh men, I’m so elated because I wanted to have this kind of design for so long!

I love the Blondie design. :)
Price: 250 Php.

I also saw this white cardigan! :)
Price 180 php.:) Define quality.

And I also found this skirt, the texture of the denim is soft. It has good quality too. This is my first miniskirt ever!

Price 230 php. :)

A cotton mini dress printed with faces.
Price: 250.

And another navy blue dress!
Price: 250! 

A button down polo. I love this because I can wear it in a formal or casual way.:)
Price: 250 php

It’s good to buy many items because you can ask for big discounts.:) And it all ends here! Till next time!:)


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