Friday, August 13, 2010

The Three Days Anxiety.

Day 1.
August 11, 2010
Our first exam was about Psychiatric Nursing. Before that day, I read all our notes on the said topic. I was very determined to read all our notes. Basically, it is about how you handle a mentally ill patient and how you deal with their personality. For me, it was fun learning those things. Anyway, I reviewed for like six to seven hours and also I read our past exams. I was hoping that some of the questions there will also appear on the midterm exam. On the day of the exam, I prayed first before looking at the questionnaire. Some of the questions just came from the past exams. Yes! I was very happy because I am 101% that my answer for that was correct and that would also increase my chance of getting a passing score. But some questions are just too tricky and the choices seemed ALL correct! You have to be really careful in answering such questions. All in all, the exam was not-so-easy-not-so-hard type of exam. Redundant huh? :)

Day 2.
August 12, 2010.
We took the Medical-Surgical Exam. It was an insanely tough exam! or maybe I just didn’t review well on that subject. Before that day, I just scan all our notes. I was very timid I guess my brain was exhausted on yesterdays’ exam. I also scan our past exams. Luckily, there were questions from the past exams that appeared on the midterm exam. I was so tired after answering all the questions. It is really mind draining. I am not sure of passing this exam because really I have a hard time answering those questions. :(

Day 3.
August 13, 2010.
We were scheduled to take our exam in Political Science. I arrived at school around 9:50 am. I was nervous because I don’t have any idea what the questions will be. Our proctor arrived, He asked who is our professor in Pol Scie because our test papers are nowhere to be found. We were like celebrating because we think that our exam will be cancel because the test papers are not produce yet. Haha! So we waited for like 10 mins, after that they announced that we will be taking our exam next week! Haha!  yay! :)

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